Welcome To PC Bods

This note was posted on the 9th of February 2015, by J.Constance

Welcome to PC Bods, a one stop place for all your Information Communication Technologies news, views and advice. The website is a new extension of what we do, we have over twenty years ICT experience, working in Finance, Industry and Residential areas. Pcbods.com is meant to be a collaborative effort, if there is a area or subject that you would like to know more about, please get in touch, email suggestions@pcbods.com and we will endeavour to provide a helpful response.

The services we provide beyond the website cover the geographic area of Kent, although as long as the device has internet access we can provide remote support to wherever you are. We also provide security assessment of your current ICT infrastructure, this can be as comprehensive as you want, as a one off audit or continuous monitoring.As well as various levels of support, both for home or business, we can supply training on the subjects that you would like to know about.